We are very excited to announce our planned breedings below!

Meer Küste German Shepherd Breeder Maine
Planned Litters

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Meer Küste GSD
Odin von Olympia II.jpeg

Stud: Odin von Olympia II

Yona vom Schlehenbusch

Female: Yona vom Schlehenbusch

Meer Küste German Shepherds
Teddy von Babylon

Stud: Teddy von Babylon

Anja von Olympia.png

Female: Anja von Olympia

Meer Küste German Shepherd Breeder
Hanno - Meer Küste German Shepherds

Stud: Hanno von der Sandsteinküste

Taya - Meer Küste German Shepherds

Female: Taya von Babylon

Are you looking for an older puppy or a young adult trained dog?
Meer Küste can help you find your perfect German Shepherd Dog, please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for.