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We are very excited to announce our planned breedings below!

Meer Küste German Shepherd Breeder Maine
Planned Litters

For Current Litters & Available Dogs Click Here

Meer Küste GSD
Odin von Olympia II.jpeg

Stud: Odin von Olympia II

Yona vom Schlehenbusch

Female: Yona vom Schlehenbusch

Meer Küste German Shepherd Breeder
Hanno - Meer Küste German Shepherds

Stud: Hanno von der Sandsteinküste

Taya - Meer Küste German Shepherds

Female: Taya von Babylon

Are you looking for an older puppy or a young adult trained dog?
Meer Küste can help you find your perfect German Shepherd Dog, please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

Litters: Future Breedings
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