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Testimonials: Testimonials

We love to hear from our happy customers!

Our shepherd is the kindest soul and steadfast quiet guardian of my 4 and 6 year-old children. You would never know there’s an 80 lb dog in our home. We joke she’s descended from royalty because her manners have been stellar from day 1. It’s just who she is. Gina does not mess around when it comes to vetting both shepherds and their owners. I did not understand back then how lucky we got in finding Gina. She is without peer when it comes to Shepherds.



Cooper is the 10 month old son of Odin and Yona and his weight and height has pretty much leveled off. On the way to adulthood! Cooper is great... except when he comes on to the bed he has to lay on top of me.. what a load! 🤣



“My female Stormy, from Isko and Panda is turning two this month! She's  a great dog and I love her alot. You did an amazing job breeding her!


Absolutely gorgeous pup and temperament is amazing! She already loves the grandbabies and is so gentle and sweet. Highly recommend getting your next furry family member from MeerKüste. Owner is knowledgeable, caring, and you cn tell she takes great pride in what she does.  



Gina is absolutely wonderful and is extremely knowledgeable about the German Shepherd breed, and has years of dedicated experience. You will not be disappointed in the customer service, and the professionalism you receive when dealing with Gina! I had gotten a dog from her in the past and the dogs and lines /linage /imports are absolutely beautiful and great temperament and good health tested. I highly recommend Meer Kuste 5/5 stars. I am looking forward to getting another puppy from Gina in the future!

Kevin L.

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Adopting our German shepherd puppy from Gina White has been an outstanding and completely satisfying experience. We did a lot of research and visited many breeders but none of them compared with the high caliber of professionalism, expertise, experience, and attention we found with Gina.

We could not be happier with our beautiful 5-month-old puppy, Echo. When we met this gorgeous import she had had some basic obedience training. We were so impressed that we arranged for her to have an additional two weeks of training. We brought home a puppy who understands basic commands and walks well on a leash. She is even-tempered, trusting,affectionate and so sweet and willing to please.

Throughout the entire process, Gina was so supportive. She responded promptly and thoroughly to all my calls and texts. It is so reassuring to know that I can always reach out to her not only in this early stage of Echo’s transition to our home but anytime as the years go by. Gina is a pleasure to work with and a joy to know. If you are looking for a quality German shepherd dog from a quality breeder, I highly recommend Gina. You will not be disappointed!

Alisa, Margot and Eric

Echo-Alisa Margot Eric.jpg

I cannot recommend Gina enough! She was extremely communicative and provided a seamless pick-up experience. She provided photos of the dogs as they continued to grow, and you can tell she truly cares about each and every one of them! Not only that, but the dogs are certainly extremely well bred and have wonderful living conditions as they approach the 8 week mark. Gina was also willing to adapt as our pick-up conditions changed and made the entire process beyond easy on us. I would absolutely recommend her and this company to anyone looking for an amazing dog!

H. Fyfe

Meer Kuste German Shepherd Puppy

We got our puppy Luke from Gina at Meer Küste. First, I will say Gina has a wealth of knowledge which far exceeds the conventional cookie cutter information of the mainstream. It’s clear how much pride she takes in this process and truly cares for the dogs she breeds. 

As for our puppy, 10/10. We recently lost our dog and were anxious about how it would feel with a new puppy in the house. We are so gad to have added Luke to our life. Lookswise, he is stunning. He has the chillest personality and has taken to training incredibly well. Every one he meets comments on his looks and demeanor. We really feel fortunate to have found this breeder and would highly recommend. 

Steven & Justin

German Shepherd Puppy Meer kuste

My name is Julianne, and I am a proud owner of a German Shepherd from Gina White. My husband and I were inexperienced with Shepherds and the entire process of purchasing one through a breeder before we met Gina. She empowered us through multiple meetings and phone calls to feel confident in our abilities to be the best owners we could be. By the time our beloved Kobe, or as we call him "our son", was ready to be picked up we felt educated, supported, and prepared to be successful as he came home with us. Gina is a blend professionalism, compassion, and insightful wisdom toward this breed of animal. She goes above and beyond to ensure that all the dogs who come through her kennel are loved, safe, healthy, and most importantly HAPPY. Her relationship with clients extends far and beyond the pickup date. She has remained in communication with us any time we have a question or just want her seasoned advice on a specific topic related to Kobe. We trust her completely and can't imagine buying a GSD through anyone else. Kobe is absolutely treasured in our home and has brought us happiness we never could have imagined. He is insanely smart, protective, intuitive, gentle, and so well behaved.

Julianne Fitzgerald

Meer Kuste German Shepherd Breeder

We are so happy with Theo, one of the Bara-Tayra pups born in September 2020.  He is our third GSD, and everything that we wanted – highly intelligent and trainable, wonderful temperament and absolutely beautiful. I found my way to Gina through exhaustive research and multiple conversations with breeders. Gina spent a lot of time with me, explaining the breeding program and answering my many questions. Our number one priority was temperament, so we scheduled a visit to meet some of the dogs, and our decision was made on that day. Such great dogs! We could have stayed all day, just enjoying their company. Once the pups were born, I received a steady stream of updates, photos and videos from Gina. She helped Tayra take care of them night and day until they all went home. When they were only 4 weeks old, Gina was able to describe each pup as an individual. It was very clear that she truly loved all 12 of them. I was so excited about our new pup that I chewed up a lot of Gina’s time talking about it, but she was always available, despite being super busy. We are still in regular contact! Highly recommended.

Jennifer G.

theo taya bara.png

My fiancé and I reached out to Gina when we were looking for a German Shepherd. We talked to her months before we were in a position to have a puppy and she prepared us for the step of welcoming one into our home. She invited us to come speak with her and when we met Gina we were in awe of love and care she gave towards all of the German Shepherds she encountered. When my fiancé and I were ready, we reached out to Gina and she helped us find our Maya. We felt like we could trust Gina to match us with the perfect puppy to have as a part of our lives, and she did! She matched Maya’s personality to ours and we felt like she found us a missing piece to our family. Gina kept us updated on all of Maya’s training and progress before we took her home, and we knew that Maya was in great hands. We were so impressed with the training and love Gina poured into our girl. We are still in constant contact with Gina, and know we can always reach out to her and ask questions and give her updates. We know it won’t be long before we are back for another German Shepherd!

Dylan & Rachel Mills

Maya German Shepherd Meer Küste

We HIGHLY recommend Gina. It would be difficult to find another breeder who is as caring & attentive as she is. Our new GSD baby girl is so beautiful, has the sweetest personality, and super smart.
We feel very fortunate to have found Gina, and thank her SO much for all of her help. She's really terrific in every way.

S. Greene

A and Ming - Greene.HEIC

Kylo is my fourth German Shepherd and by far the best I have ever owned. He is the best looking GSD I have seen and trust me I have seen a lot. He is also extremely intelligent and easily trainable with a great temperament. His quality is second to none. 

Mike O.

Meer Kuste German Shepherd Puppy

Gina is amazing with breeding and knows just how to match up the perfect puppy to each owner/family. She is always helpful and communicates often during the process of purchasing a puppy or dog. She really cares about each one of them and wants to ensure a great fit for the owner/family and for the dog. She has always been available for any questions, concerns, or issues. 

We most recently purchased another puppy, Kya, after previously getting two other pups from her program. She is the sweetest and most attentive GSD we have had the pleasure to be part of our family. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives!

Tracy Mermet

Meer Kuste German Shepherd Breeder Maine

As a part of the female foster program, I have had the opportunity to share my life with three wonderful girls- Halla, Bonnie and Zala. They are not only gorgeous, but have super temperament and are so good with our two year old son! It was so rewarding to watch them mothering their pups and also excel at their training! I’ve done the Iron Dog with all 3 of the girls. All three girls have their canine good citizens. Zala even has two AKC Trick Dog titles as well as her BH and AD! Soon, my husband and I will be welcoming another baby girl into the family and can’t wait for the dogs to meet her!


Meer Kuste German Shepherd Puppies and Dogs

After losing my best GSD friend a couple of years ago, I was given the opportunity to foster Teddy von Babylon, and he has become a good friend as well. As a contractor, I travel around quite a bit and Ted has the perfect balance of friendliness yet territory instinct when necessary. I also got another puppy from Gina last year and the two guys have become great buddies. They enjoy time at work as well as our hikes and beach days and have helped fill a void I thought would never heal. Thanks for giving me these two awesome dogs to call my own!



Hello Gina, I just wanted to tell you how head over heels in love with Cadence we are. She is such a great puppy. She has graduated from puppy kindergarten all ready. She sleeps through the night. She sits, downs, comes, stays, centers, walks with me in a centered position, walks nicely and lives to run and play on the long leash in the snow. She is beautiful, smart, and very sweet. We love her!! Thank you!

Melissa A.

Cadence GSD Meer Kuste German Shepherd Puppy

Gina is such a professional and you can tell she truly cares about the integrity of this breed. Her dogs are absolutely stunning and have the sweetest temperament. Everywhere that we go we are stopped and complimented on our girl's beauty. And our vet loves when we come in for yearly visits as they say she is the best GSD patient they have!

She is gorgeous, very confident, calm, and easy to handle but still knows how to have a good time. What more could you want in a German Shepherd? Thank you Gina for helping us find our soulmate!


Longstock German Shepherd Boardwalk

I 100% recommend Meer Küste German Shepherds. Gina is an expert on the breed and works with an amazing line of GSD’s. My guy turns 4 soon and is by far the best dog I’ve ever owned or been around. I plan on getting a Meer Küste GSD again sometime in the very near future.


Gina is extremely knowledgeable about the German Shepherd breed, and has years of dedicated experience. Gina not only has first hand experience with the breed, but is very pleasant to deal with! You will not be disappointed in the customer service, and the professionalism you receive when dealing with Gina!

Brandi S.

I have had several years of experience being around Gina and her many German Shepherds, having helped to raise and train a few. She has an obvious love for the breed and has always strived to be a great ambassador for them. I would highly recommend her and Meer Küste for your next family friend!

Corey W.

Meer Kuste German Shepherds

Steven & Justin

We absolutely love our new puppy, Jax. Gina was so wonderful, an expert in her field. She answered all my questions and kept me informed. She puts all her passion into her work, and we are the lucky recipients. Jax is so smart, even tempered, and a complete joy. No higher recommendation is possible.

Jason H.


My husband & I have been blessed to be able to adopt 2 German Shepherds from the same family line! We went through Olympia Kennels for our 4 year old female, Zoe & could not have been happier!
When we found out that her brother, Odin was being bred and that his puppies would be available through MeerKuste German Shepherds we reached out immediately! Gina White was always available to answer questions or to share information as the pregnancy progressed, as well as update us on the puppies after delivery.
Zoe’s nephew Jayne came home to us in July and the 2 of them are best buddies already!
Both of these gorgeous shepherds are amazing! They are incredibly intelligent, sweet & loving, loyal, gentle, easily trained, & they both socialize very well with other dogs, children, & adults.
When we are out with the pups people always stop us to say how wonderful they are and where did we get them. We always recommend going through MeerKuste & Olympia if you are looking for a German shepherd.

Robin D.


Gina is amazing! She is very knowledgeable about German Shepherds and you can tell she genuinely cares about all the dogs in her care. We recently got our new puppy from her and he is wonderful.

Jessica G.


Steven & Justin

OMG! She is absolutely amazing. We named her Fraya and she is the smartest, prettiest, most loving dog we have ever had. She gets along great with our Labrador and is already bigger than her. I have Freya  in puppy classes in Yarmouth and she does extremely well with commands and demonstrates good dog behavior. My husband loves how playful and affectionate she is. She really enjoys walks in the woods near our house. We think she’s pretty spectacular and love her very much.  She shows a lot of gratitude towards us. I feel like she thinks she’s won the lottery. But I think it’s us who got lucky with her demeanor/personality. 

Nisu S.

Fraya - owner Nisu

Gina is amazing. Much more than a transaction. She really cares and is super knowledgeable. Can't wait to get another pup from her.

Devin N.

Gina is amazing! She is very knowledgeable about German Shepherds and you can tell she genuinely cares about all the dogs in her care. We recently got our new puppy from her and he is wonderful.

Jessica G.

Steven & Justin

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