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Gina White - Owner of Meer Küste

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As Breeding and Import Manager for Olympia Kennels for the past twelve years, and German Shepherd owner for over thirty years, Gina has bred, raised, imported and trained several adults and hundreds of pups for family life.

Although proud of Olympia's legacy, Meer Küste was born from a desire to work exclusively with a smaller number of GSDs, not as a part of a larger all breed training center. Her goal is to provide clients with high quality pups and dogs who exhibit the strongest age-related foundation training possible, ensuring a smooth transition from her home to yours.

Getting a dog or pup from
Meer Küste

So, you have decided it is time for a dog, judiciously researched the breeds, and concluded that a German Shepherd fits your lifestyle perfectly! Congrats, as you are about to embark on one of the finest relationships you will ever have! This is a very big decision for you and your family and should not be taken lightly. German Shepherds are the ultimate companion with extreme sensitivity toward their families and intelligence and intuition that rival human beings.

It is important to understand that GSDs can be quite different, depending upon their given bloodlines. There are breeding programs that focus on East bloodline, Czech, American, or in my case, West. There are working lines and show lines. All are unique in their own way. I have always owned and trained West German dogs, primarily show lines. That is my preference for many reasons, but top of the list is their stellar temperament.  A GSD was always meant to have a certain kindness, only exhibiting their prowess and power when and if necessary. I feel the West German bloodlines are exemplary in this respect, so I breed and import ONLY West German bloodlines. Of course, I am biased as every breeder believes in, and loves the kind of dog they produce. 

To begin the process with Meer Küste, I require a phone interview to be sure the German Shepherd is the right choice for you! All dogs have different drives and require varying amounts of time from their owners and GSDs top that list. They are herding dogs and want more than anything to ‘herd’ you in the form of being with you whenever possible. They are NOT dogs who want to be left alone for long stretches of time. 

Next, we discuss upcoming options and schedule an appointment to meet in person and introduce you to our dogs and program protocol. Meer Küste is not a traditional kennel where the breeding dogs are kept on site. Although we have five dogs that live with us in our home, the majority of our beautiful dogs live with their own families/associates. We only choose dogs with the best character for reproduction and believe they should not pay the price of confinement for that.  Any dog who is a great breeding prospect and ambassador to the breed deserves to be valued as a beloved family member. This is why appointments are necessary as we coordinate times for dogs to be available for a meet and greet. We also review all paperwork including our contract , AKC             Litter Registration or European paperwork for imported pups, microchip registration, as well as health and training questions that you will undoubtedly have. Then we are off to the races to pair you with the best canine companion you will ever have!

As we are all different and there are many good breeders to choose from, I would advise people looking to get a GSD to visit many breeders and meet the dogs to see their differences and also get comfortable with the breeder.  Doing so ensures you will find the perfect fit and also establish a life-long relationship with the kennel who has introduced you to this magnificent breed and in particular, your new family member!

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Meer Küste German Shepherds
Maine USA

Cell: (603) 401-6286
Meetings by appointment only

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