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Meer Küste German Shepherd Breeder Maine

Zwinger der Meer Küste

Distinctive West German Showline Shepherds

Bethel, ME

Welcome to Zwinger der Meer Küste, home to some of the finest German Shepherds from around the world! Based in Bethel, ME USA, we provide select pups, bred from top West German bloodlines, as well as imported pups and dogs from our stellar canine partners.

Meer Küste, alongside our European associates, share the same philosophical goals - to retain and perpetuate the type and quality that our breed was founded upon. A companion who is always willing to please with a supreme affection for his family.

The Origins of Our Beloved German Shepherd Dog (GSD)

As the name suggests, the German Shepherd originated in Germany in the late 1800s due to the efforts of Max von Stephanitz. The former cavalry officer, looking to create the ultimate herding dogs, sought the most intelligent and responsive working sheep dogs as his foundation stock. The ensuing result was the origin of the German Shepherd Dog as we know it today. Aside from a striking appearance, strong work ethic, and high intelligence, his aim was to develop dogs that could trot for long periods of time without breaking down, the notion being, “beauty is as beauty does.” His continuing quest for breeding stock prompted Von Stephanitz to attend one of the country’s largest dog shows in April 1899 where he acquired the dog who would become the breed’s founding father - Hektor Linksrhein. 

Shortly thereafter, Von Stephanitz gave Hektor a new name – Horand von Grafrath. Within a month, Von Stephanitz, along with friend, Artur Meyer, founded the world’s first German Shepherd club, Verein fur deutsche Schaferhunde and Horand was given the inaugural registration number SZ1, making him the first-ever registered German Shepherd Dog!

To Von Stephanitz, a dog’s working ability continued to be as important as it’s appearance, and he baulked at those who would have the initially courser breed become just a showpiece. In passing decades, German Shepherds did indeed prove themselves as tremendous herding dogs and in many other endeavors.  Due to their innate intelligence, they excel at police work, as guide dogs to the blind, search and rescue and emotional therapy dogs - Not to mention, the ultimate family companion and protector. And all the while transforming into a dog with expressive features, beautiful conformation and luxurious coats. Today, the breed Von Stephanitz left behind has had the luxury of becoming one of the most stunning dogs, loved and admired by cultures from around the world.

Meer Küste Beach German Shepherd Dagger von Olympia

Meer Küste German Shepherds
Bethel, Maine USA

Cell: (603) 401-6286
Meetings by appointment only

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